At the eve of the long awaited Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, Syndesmos, the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth expresses its deep concern in respect with a possible cancellation of the Council, due to the refusal of some Autocephalous Churches to take part in it.

We acknowledge that the responsibility to rule our Church lies on the shoulders of the Bishops, as spiritual Fathers. They bear this responsibility before God and His people, before history. Any possible failure in the implementation of the Council is a failure for all of us and would imply serious problems in witnessing to the world our faith and our hope. All our Church communities as well as the whole of mankind require a living and united Orthodoxy.

We appeal to the Church delegations that will be present in Crete, on the day of Pentecost, to hold the opening session of the Council, to invite again all Orthodox Churches to join them, and not to close the session of the Council, unless the absent Churches join them, “for so there will be concord, and God will be glorified through the Lord in the Holy Spirit” (34th Apostolic Canon).

 - the Board of Administration of Syndesmos

International Meeting of Orthodox Youth 2016

International Meeting of Orthodox Youth 2016, in Prešov (Slovakia), 20-26 July 2016:
“For we are members of one another.” (Eph 4 : 25) 
Youth thinks Church

International conference :
Orthodox Church in the Modern World

Post deadline applications should be sent to

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Participants needing visas are encouraged to send their applications early.

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Communiqué of the Board of Administration

“The truth shall make you free” Jn 8,32

As the Board of Administration of Syndesmos, we are astonished and saddened by the news about Fr. Christophe D’Aloisio’s suspension from the priestly ministry.

Fr. Christophe served in Syndesmos in different functions for more than a decade. The General Assemblies in 2003 (Albania) and in 2009 (Greece) trusted him with the leadership of our Fellowship. No longer than a year ago he was blessed to participate in the General Assembly in Romania to pass on this ministry to us. His approach to this work was always thorough and caring for the good of the Church. We know Fr. Christophe as a caring pastor and an assiduous and reliable colleague.

We apprehend this decision was hastened and sense that the situation leading to such a heavy sanction lacks clarity and transparency, which are vital when dealing with pastoral issues. An abrupt and unexplained decision to ban an esteemed pastor from performing his duties can only add bitterness to the feelings of the faithful and disappointment to younger believers. We believe that this issue has to be approached with the care “for the stability of the holy churches of God, and for the unity of all” as we pray in every liturgy.

This decision was taken in the Archdiocese of Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe. The Archdiocese with its great tradition of theological thinking and applied conciliarity, which is the founding principle of Syndesmos, occupies a unique place in the worldwide Orthodoxy. Therefore, we feel closely connected to the Archdiocese and hope for the speedy restoration of peace and trust within this ecclesial community. 

Visit of the board to Athens

From the 26th to the 29th of June 2015, two members of the board of administration of Syndesmos (Olga Oleinik and Jean Rehbinder) visited Athens in order to move the archives of Syndesmos from the building of the Symantro Foundation to a temporary storage. We would like to thank the Symantro Foundation for having hosted faithfully the general secretary and the archives for many years. We wish all success to the new initiative of the Foundation for the rooms made available during the visit, which will be used to host students in need, and salute this effort in the difficult times for the greek economy

The visit was the occasion to meet with local member movements of Syndesmos and thus put into practice the recommendation of the last General Assembly of 2014 to reconnect with the members movements. Representatives of three Athenian movements (XFE, St. Gerasimos Youth Center and EPALXIS) were able to join and share about the rich life of these organisations. We could also share about the current situation and challenges faced by Syndesmos and invited the movements to encourage their youth to participate in the next International Youth Festival in Suprasl, Poland.

International Youth Festival 2015

This year gathering will be held around the theme:

Attaining Conciliarity

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst." (Mat 18,20)

A theme at the core of the mission of Syndesmos : Conciliarity and Unity. The Holy and Great Synod of the Orthodox Church to be held in Constantinople in 2016 reminds us of the importance of this theme for the whole Church.

The event will take place from 25th to 30th August. On 29th and 30th August participants are invited to the 35th anniversary of the Fellowship of Orthodox youth in Poland.

The International Youth Festival is open to Christian youth from all countries.
The programme consists in conferences, discussions, prayer as well as informal times like an intercultural evening.
Participants from various countries will have the opportunity to experience the unity of the Church, sharing their faith and the joy of being together.

Useful information

Venue: Suprasl Academy (AKADEMIA SUPRASKA), Supraśl (Poland) 
Proposed route: via Warsaw Chopin Airport then connection WARSAW – BIAŁYSTOK – SUPRAŚL (Train and Bus)

Registration fee: 120 €
Bursaries may be available on a case by case basis, on application to the preparation committee (
N.B. This amount includes: food and accommodation in Suprasl.
It does not include: transportation from and to your home country, visa costs and insurance.

Arrivals: 24th August; departures: 31th August


Please send your applications by 07 June 2015 to : download application form 

Post-deadline applications will be considered until the 1st of July 2015.

Participants needing visas are encouraged to send their applications early.

XIXth General Assembly, 7-12 August 2014 - Neamt, Romania

The World Fellowship


Of Orthodox Youth

Paris, 6th February 2014

To Syndesmos Member Movements,
care of the respective Regional Representatives

Esteemed Representatives of Syndesmos Member Movements,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In the joyful time of the Feast of the Meeting of the Lord, World Day of Orthodox Youth, we are honoured to invite you to the XIXth General Assembly of Syndesmos – the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth, which will be held in Neamt, Romania, under the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Teofan of Moldova, from 7th to 12th August 2014, with the following agenda:

-Administrative Reports (General Secretariat, Board of Administration, Audit Committee)
-Discharge of the outgoing Board and election of a new Board and a new Audit Committee
-Policy guidelines for the next term

Each Member Movement is kindly requested to send one official Delegate to the Assembly.
We would be grateful to receive, until 6th April 2014, the name and data of the Delegate who will be in charge of the representation of your Movement.

Further information about the programme and the accommodation will be sent to the Delegates upon reception of their data.

Wishing you God’s blessing and a fruitful year 2014,

Rev. Christophe D’Aloisio,

General Secretariat temporarily by ACER-MJO:  91 rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris, France
Bank Details: IBAN: FR73 2004 1000 0110 7041 6B02 038 (BIC: PSSTFRPPPAR)
Tel./fax: +32.2.640.15.96

In Memoriam

Syndesmos - the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth announces with deep sorrow the passing away, Tuesday 10th September 2013, of Albert Laham at the age of 89, who has been actively involved in Syndesmos since the foundation of the Fellowship.
Throughout all his life, Albert Laham served the Church of Christ, in various positions. He will remain alive in our memories as a man of dialogue and a witness of hope.
Albert Laham served in Syndesmos as a Vice-President for 6 years (1958-1964) and as a President for 13 years (1964-1977). After his term and until the end of his life, he remained a strong and faithful support to all Syndesmos initiatives.
All of us remember his brilliant theological spirit and his joyful presence in the XVIIth General Assembly, in Durres, Albania.
May the Lord remember his faithful servant Albert in his Kingdom now and ever and to the ages of ages.
Memory Eternal !

On behalf of the Fellowship,
Fr. Christophe D'Aloisio,